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Carrefour Products
Carrefour ProductsWith our customers’ needs in mind, we decided, in 1985, to replace our generic product line with an own-brand line produced for us for the most part by small and medium-sized manufacturers.

Today we sell internationally, over 2000 food products that meet very strict specifications for price/quality ratio, taste, authenticity, safety, traceability and innovation. We also sell 5000 non food products under our own-brand name. Outside laboratories conduct quality audits of all non-food products and various stages in their production, to ensure they comply with our strict quality specifications.

You know that …..

There are 1200 different products ….
The greatest number of products you have ever met is offered at Carrefour stores, offering you 1200 different solutions to meet all your needs.

Quality and Low-cost
Carrefour products are produced, processed and tested with special care in order to offer you delicious flavours and excellent quality at unbeatable prices.

Now you know ….look for them!
You can distinguish them from the label and use them in your everyday life. Enjoy quality at the right price, giving value to your purchases. Carrefour products are available in various categories of products such as: Cleaning products, foodstuff, beverages, frozen products, refrigerated products, cheese products, delicatessen


Carrefour Products